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Sisters and Malibu natives Martha Thatcher (left), a mezzo soprano, and Isabella Thatcher, a soprano, perform at the Malibu Coast Music Festival earlier this year. Photos by
Martha Thatcher, a 2014 graduate of Malibu High, has been keeping busy through the Theatre Arts Program at Southern Oregon University’s Oregon Center for the Arts.
Isabella Thatcher, a 2016 graduate of MHS, attends the same program as her sister and was awarded the faculty-recommended Leon Mulling Scholarship for Theatre Arts in the 2017-2018 year.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
9:00 am PST November 14, 2018
Born, bred and educated in Malibu, while also being immersed in the dynastic creativity inherent in their mother Maria’s famous Newman clan, Isabella and Martha Thatcher have soared since graduating from Malibu High School.