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Malibu resident Aelina Longo released her first book, "Creek Fever," in January. Photos Submitted)
Aelina Longo will sign her copies of "Creek Fever" on May 18 at Barnes & Noble in Calabasas at The Commons.
Leonardo Gigliotti, one of Aelina Longo’s six grandchildren and a constant source of inspiration for her writing, holds her new book. (Photo Submitted)
Abhinanda Datta, Interim Editor
3:22 am PDT May 7, 2019

The seeds of storytelling had started germinating within Aelina Longo while she listened to tales of her parents’ journey from Italy to America, and how after arriving at Ellis Island in New York, her father decided to drive along dirt-covered roads all the way to Los Angeles.

The Malibu resident has now released her first book, “Creek Fever: A Magical Journey with a Boy and His Dog,” published in January.