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Malibu High School student Kira Smit (left), portraying Matron “Mama” Morton, and Juliette Larsen, as Velma Kelly, check out the headlines as MHS students act in “Chicago” on Friday, Jan. 17. Photos by Suzy Demeter/Surfside News
Velma Kelly, played by Malibu High senior Juliette Larsen, enters with an ensemble to perform in the opening sequence of “Chicago” on Friday, Jan. 17.
The Malibu High School orchestra, under the direction of John Kibler, practices in the pit area before the performance.
Roxie Hart, played by Alina Rose Armstrong, takes the stage.
Students perform in the “Cell Block Tango” scene of “Chicago.”
Kira Smit takes on a powerful role as Matron “Mama” Morton.
Amos Hart (Layne Jacobsen) and Roxie Hart (Alina Rose Armstrong) have a discussion about her murdering her lover as she insists that she really loves Amos.
Attorney Billy Flynn (Johnny Sheridan) makes his grand entrance.
Billy Flynn (Johnny Sheridan) gives Roxie Hart (Alina Rose Armstrong) advice on what to say during the trial.
Roxie Hart (Alina Rose Armstrong) gains popularity through press coverage.
Another murder is about to take place when the wife (left) discovers her husband’s infidelity, overtaking the news and putting Roxie and Velma out of the limelight. Actors in the scene are (left to right) Gina Marcellino, Maayan Milchan, Caden Stockwell and Tiffany Orian.
Amos Hart (Layne Jacobsen) does a number “Mister Cellophane” where he laments that no one notices him.
The cast gathers for the finale.
Barbara Burke, Staff Reporter
7:36 am PST January 21, 2020
From the moment the production began, it had it all: beautifully costumed actors, creative choreography, excellent acting — and all that jazz.