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MindTravel artist and composer Murray Hidary performs at the Spiritual Glamper event space in Malibu on July 27. Photos by Stephanie Chaisson/Surfside News
MindTravel guru Murray Hidary leads attendees on a meditation walk before his musical performance.
Attendees relax and meditate during the MindTravel experience on July 27.
Murray Hidary plays the piano during the event in Malibu.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
9:43 am PDT August 1, 2019
As the sun began kissing the sea, acquiescing to the stars holding court across Malibu’s expansive skies, attendees reached the top of a mountain in Corral Canyon, emerging from a silent, 10-minute, intention-setting hike on which they were serenaded by nocturnal wildlife rustling, chirping and crooning in nearby chaparral, providing nature’s melodic prelude to a MindTravel Live-to-Headphones “Silent” Piano Concert.