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Justine Methe-Crozat and Hugo Ouellet-Cote perform Thursday, Feb. 6, in “Blizzard,” an acrobatic show presented by Cirque Flip Fabrique. Photos by Suzy Demeter/Surfside News
Cirque Flip Fabrique performer Jack McGarr balances Justine Methe-Crozat on the palm of his hand Thursday, Feb. 6, as Ben Nesrallah plays piano.
The troupe juggles “snowballs” onstage at Smothers Theatre.
Samuel Ramos (left) and Camila Comin perform in “Blizzard.”
During the grand finale, performers mount the cube mid-blizzard.
Justine Methe-Crozat and Hugo Ouellet-Cote are suspended midair.
Jeremy St-Jean Picard (left) and William Jutras perform in a flying cap sequence which took an acrobat into the audience to retrieve it.
Performers partake in jump rope acrobatics.
William Jutras twirls hula-hoops as Ben Nesrallah plays piano is and Jeremy St-Jean Picard looks on.
Barbara Burke, Staff Reporter
2:12 am PST February 11, 2020
The hypothetical Canadian Ministry of Winter, Cold and Brrrrr paid a visit to Malibu on Thursday, Feb. 6, serving as an amusing host for Cirque Flip Fabrique’s “Blizzard.”