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Poet’s Corner: A single rose

by Submitted Content Opinion

Softly, silently , with no hurrah

a single rose rises proudly from the debris of the fire.

flamingo pink, it defies the devils of destruction

Deep wisdom of the earth sends fine...

Ride of the Week: The drive for a new perspective

by Fireball Tim Lawrence Opinion, Contributing Columnists

This week’s ride for me came in the form of a 2019 Toyota 4Runner. It was good because my intention was to explore a bit of Malibu Hills and see what’s recovering. So we headed north to Kanan and started to make our way through the...

Celebrating Earth Month in Malibu

by Abhinanda Datta, Interim Editor Opinion, From the Editor

While parts of the country are experiencing snowfall in spring, Malibu is blessed with gorgeous weather almost throughout the year. And so, the city is forever held in gratitude to Mother Earth.

In her honor,...