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Poet’s Corner: Malibu mists

by Jacqueline Craven, Malibu resident Opinion, Contributing Columnists

Morning rises with mists floating, wispy ghosts

drifting thistledown in the mountains, in the morning

Earth reveals itself in silence, blissful, sacred sighing

A silver thread of...

From the Editor: Starting anew in 2019-2020

by Lauren Coughlin, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

By the time this newspaper reaches the newsstands, the fleeting moments of summer will be shifting to the back of everyone’s minds, and the new school year will already be underway. 

Malibu is about to face a world of...

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic: A deeper understanding of how Brix works

by Andy Lopez, Contributing Columnist/Invisible Gardener Opinion, Contributing Columnists

Brix indicates the amount of minerals a plant contains. 

A refractometer is used to measure the percentage of sugar in any liquid. Sugar is the carrier of minerals in plants. 

You can use a...