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City donates surplus of N95 masks to local medical facilities, hospitals

by Submitted by City of Malibu News, City

The City of Malibu has donated thousands of N95 masks to local medical facilities and hospitals, including UCLA Medical, St. John’s Regional and Los Robles Hospitals to help critical health care workers stay healthy while treating...

As public crowds Malibu, City issues mobile alert, MRCA closes its parks and trails

by Lauren Coughlin, Editor News, City, Local Government

Walking outside while practicing social distancing (6 feet apart from one another) is allowed under the State and County orders issued in the wake of the coronavirus, but some already seem to be testing those limits. 


City holds public hearing on district election maps, public comment accepted through Thursday

by Michele Willer-Allred, Staff Reporter News, City, Local Government

About 15 people in the Malibu community braved rainy weather and the coronavirus threat to attend a public hearing to view and discuss newly drawn draft maps that could create new voter districts for Malibu City Council elections.