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The girls at Bitchin’ Digs — Malibu designers impress

January 5, 2021 by Barbara Burke, Staff Reporter Business, Living

You might have seen them riding around town in a 1926 red Model T listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Or been treated to a peek into one of their many transformative projects, including a multi-million dollar mobile home...

Pair's invention is more than just a pretty face covering

by Scott Steepleton, Editor News, Business

Talk about building a better mousetrap.

Because of the pandemic, face coverings are everywhere you turn these days. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says non-valved, multi-layer cloth masks “are primarily...

Community shows holiday spirit for Nicolas Eatery

by Scott Steepleton, Editor News, Business

If there’s one thing Malibu is known for, it’s pitching in for those in need.

Nicolas Fanucci was reminded of this when a GoFundMe page established to help his Nicolas Eatery and the 10 or so employees make it through the latest round of...

Duke's takes a pause amid government restrictions

by Scott Steepleton, Editor Business

Restrictions on how restaurants do business during the pandemic have forced the temporary closure of Duke’s Malibu.

Under county and state orders, restaurants have been closed, been allowed to reopen at limited capacity, forced to cease...