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Charlie Nagle (third from right) was among participants in the recent Yoga, Cooking and Hiking Retreat. Yoga was led by 5 Point Yoga founder Ted McDonald. Photos by Barbara Burke/22nd Century Media
Chef Lauren Lobley demonstrated how to make various nutritious, plant-based recipes at 5 Point Yoga’s Yoga, Cooking and Hiking Retreat, held July 27-30 in Malibu.
Healthful offerings at the Yoga, Cooking and Hiking Retreat included collard green wraps with sundried tomato pesto, basil pesto and purple cabbage.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
10:00 am PDT August 2, 2017

The proverbial “getting away from it all” usually denotes a weekend at a resort, picking up a few spa treatments, catching up on reading novels, and perhaps taking an excursion to experience a unique cultural experience near one’s destination.