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Malibu resident Tova Fagan inspects pieces of jewelry from the collection she crafted. Chris Bashaw/22nd Century Media
Necklaces crafted by Malibu resident Tova Fagan from her Malibu Blue Ocean Collection are made with a variety of gems and metals, including titanium, diamond, agate and blue jade. Chris Bashaw/22nd Century Media
Pictured are necklaces from Malibu resident Tova Fagan’s “Good Enerchi” collection, which she said are created to help the wearer feel positive reinforcement.
Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
9:34 am PDT May 6, 2015

Malibu resident Tova Fagan said jewelry design came to her on her birthday eight years ago in Las Vegas.

“I was celebrating with my family when we walked by a particular shop with a bracelet in the window,” she said.

The bracelet transfixed Fagan with its thoughtfully beaded pattern and a diamond charm dangling from its center. Its only off-putting component was the “ginormous” sum of money scrawled on its price tag.