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Pictured is Gia Mora of “Einstein’s Girl.” Photos courtesy of Gia Mora
Gia Mora of “Einstein’s Girl” is a comedian, actress and singer who performed at the Malibu Playhouse on Saturday, Feb. 27.
Alex Vejar, Assistant Editor
12:00 pm PST March 2, 2016

The intricacies of science and technology coupled with the unpredictability of love came together in the one-time performance of “Einstein’s Girl” on Saturday, Feb. 27, at Malibu Playhouse. 

Actress, comedian and singer Gia Mora navigated through those topics using comedy and song, making the audience laugh while also informing them about scientific topics such as theoretical physics, space-time and supermassive black holes. She wove those themes into humorous stories of love and relationships.