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A burger fit for a stay-at-home Fourth of July

by Rossana Radden Life & Arts, Living

Independence Day is almost here. Let’s celebrate this land, the land of the free, home of the brave.

I am grateful for this land, where I taste the freedom and breathe the new sunrise.

In this sensitive time, take care of each other...

Maxfield Malibu gets creative with social distancing campaign

by Scott Steepleton, Editor News, Community, Business, Living

Target your audience.

That’s the guiding principle when deciding how to use infographics to educate people about what passes as proper physical distancing in the time of COVID-19.

According to the U.S....

Malibu’s Brandee Sabella hosts worldwide meditation

by Barbara Burke, Staff Reporter Life & Arts, Faith, Living

Unite. Meditate. Pray.

It’s a simple message for a worldwide meditation at 4 p.m. today spearheaded by Malibu’s Brandee Sabella, co-founder of Sion Earth, a movement dedicated to furthering global...