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Mountain Lion Madness keeps animal lovers engaged, entertained

by Lauren Coughlin, Editor Life & Arts, Living

P-22 may occupy a prestigious spot as “the cat that changed America,” but the king of the Santa Monica Mountains has temporarily bowed down to allow fellow mountain lions to make a run for the top spot in #MountainLionMadness. 


Pair of mustangs a powerful addition to Malibu’s Big Heart Ranch

by Lauren Coughlin, Editor Life & Arts, Living

Two mustangs walk into a pen with four miniature horses and two mini Sicilian donkeys.

No, it’s not the beginning of a joke. It’s the launching of a new life for mustangs Chinook, a female, and Peppercorn, a male, who...

Malibu’s Carla McCloskey pens illuminating novel over a decade after surviving a stroke

by Barbara Burke, Staff Reporter Life & Arts, Living

As she reclines in her family’s sitting room, radiant and glowing, one would never know that Malibu’s Carla McCloskey is a stroke survivor.

McCloskey, however, is open with her journey, recently penning and publishing...