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The new adventures of Dean Cain

by Scott Steepleton, Editor News, Community, The Arts

He’s owned a casino, even saved Earth a time or two.

Now Dean Cain can add to his resume a role that isn’t a piece of fiction — that of Emmy nominee for “Hate Among Us,” a Popstar TV documentary he produced with talk-show host and longtime...

Benjamin Krasner: master of his musical universe

by Barbara Burke, Staff Reporter Life & Arts, The Arts

After years of classical music training at some of the finest schools and conservatories in the world, Benjamin Krasner, one of Malibu’s most talented young musicians, still performs classical music and follows the path of the masters as his...

The Malibooz show their undying love of women, music, memories and, of course, Malibu

by Barbara Burke, Staff Reporter Life & Arts, The Arts

Jim Croce once penned and performed a beautiful, timeless tune, “I’ll Have To Say I Love You in a Song,” indelibly imprinting into the minds of his generation the concurrent conundrums of the simplicity and complications inherent in...