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Josh (second from right), portrayed by Nate Bartoshuk, acts out when a dog barks during Pepperdine University’s production of “Falling,” a play which portrays the family struggles tied to having a child with autism. Also pictured are (left to right) Leyla Dillig as Lisa, Sara Eakman as Grammy Sue and Gabi Meacham as Tami. Photos by Ron Hall/Pepperdine University
“Falling” actor Nate Bartoshuk, portraying Josh, who has autism, plays with feathers, one of his favorite activities.
Pepperdine actors (clockwise from left) Gabi Meacham (as Tami), George Preston (as Bill), Sara Eakman (as Grammy Sue), and Leyla Dillig (as Lisa) sit down to dinner as Nate Bartoshuk (as Josh) wanders through the house acting out a scene from “Tarzan.”
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
10:00 am PDT October 4, 2018
Being the parent of a special needs child is a difficult journey to put into words.