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Dancers Teresa Toogie Barcelo (left), Haylee Nichele (middle) and Himerria Wortham, of Heidi Duckler Dance Company, perform at Peter Strauss Ranch June 3. The dancers’ Lake Enchanto presentation was one of several programs planned at the ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains this summer. Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media
Heidi Duckler Dance Company performer Teresa Toogie Barcelo performs June 3 as part of the Lake Enchanto installation at Peter Strauss Ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Dancers (left to right) Himerria Wortham, Haylee Nichele and Teresa Toogie Barcelo perform.
Teresa Toogie Barcelo (left), Himerria Wortham (middle) and Haylee Nichele tear up pieces of artwork during the Lake Enchanto presentation.
Haylee Nichele (left) and Teresa Toogie Barcelo “swim” in the empty pool at Peter Strauss Ranch.
Suzy Demeter, Freelance Reporter
1:01 pm PDT June 13, 2017

Picture the setting: A 1930s abandoned resort pool with faded aqua paint, a ladder and a small island. 

Picture long terraced steps with sprigs of overgrown brush, decorated with accents of color. 

This was where approximately 300 people gathered to watch Heidi Duckler Dance Company perform June 3 at Peter Strauss Ranch, a unique venue in the Santa Monica Mountains.