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Sharks quarterback Jake Friedman attempts a pass as Santa Clara players close in Friday, Oct. 27, at Malibu High. Photos by Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media
Malibu High School’s Dane Kapler (22) looks to bounce it outside with help from his blocker Eddie Godoy (77) as the Sharks face Santa Clara High School.
Elijaah Bryant (21) carries the ball.
Eric Truschke (right) plays for the Sharks as they face Santa Clara.
The drumline performs.
The dance team performs.
Ryan Flynn, Freelance Reporter
11:03 am PDT October 31, 2017
All night, the passes sailed through the air. Malibu’s quarterback tossed deep, arcing, desperate heaves: this one a bit off target, this one too deep, this one off a receiver’s fingertips. All night they shot for the moon, and all night the Sharks came up empty.