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Scott Steepleton
10:09 am PDT May 17, 2020

Were he around today, the poet Robert Frost might take a look at the government’s COVID-19 messaging and say, “I'm not confused, I'm just well-mixed-up.”

Indeed, just when you think you have a sense of things, you realize how nonsensical things are.

Consider what they’re telling us in the land of the free, home of the brave:

  • Stay home, unless you want to grab dinner and cocktails.
  • Masks save lives, but they’re choking hazards for certain people.
  • Computer models should guide policy, even though the projections keep changing and were wildly inaccurate at the start.
  • Go back to work, despite handouts making it more lucrative to stay home.
  • The infection rate is low — really low — among those under 18, but all schools must close.

The notion of personal responsibility has even been turned on its head.

Pre-lockdown, it meant you are responsible for your actions and you take care of yourself. But today, it’s you have the personal responsibility to follow orders.

Now take your stroll on the beach and go home.

Do you even know the goal of all this? To some, it’s flattening the curve. To others, it’s developing a vaccine. Some won’t be satisfied until there’s a cure.

And the economy continues to suffer.

In the not-too-distant future, to a class of public relations majors, a university professor will ask students to rate the government’s messaging effectiveness during the pandemic.

Speaking into the camera of their laptops, the students in this Zoom gathering will agree that it was well-mixed-up.

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