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6:12 am PDT October 7, 2020

Communities all over the world sit,


eyes glazing over screens.

“Alone together”, they hear as they await the moment that their arms surround another 

Or their hand stings from high-fiving someone else’s.


Like prisoners we sit,

In our cells,

Quivering under the relentless wrath of this infection.

Not just the virus,

but our mandatory sequestration from society.


For now we must stand alone in body,

But in spirit we hold each other up.

We must hold each other up under the constant emotional pain,

Through the constant onset of worry.


So hold on.

Grip onto those you care for.


Not through touch,

But through your screens,

Your devices,

Your literature,

Your art.



pressure of our dilemma pushes down on our relationships,

But we must persist.

Persist to fortify these bonds and not let them turn to ruins.


Though our eyes may sting from the countless hours staring into blue light,

We must remember that the dark glasses will be removed,

Revealing the gorgeous world we once knew.

— Chloe Loquet, eighth grade, Malibu Middle School

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