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Heather Warthen, Contributing Editor
9:20 am PDT April 18, 2020

When this all began, I don’t know if anyone ever imagined there might be a quarantine or a Safer at Home order that would require non-essential businesses to close, schools to shut down or people to find ways to work from home efficiently. The term “social distancing” has now become a regular phrase in our vocabulary.

If anything good is coming from this event, it would be that the situation is forcing people to be creative. This week, and in coming weeks, we have a few stories on local businesses and individuals who have looked for other ways to continue to provide services they are known for and how they have adapted what they do to fit social distancing guidelines.

Last week, we featured a story on what the Malibu Chamber of Commerce is doing to help local businesses during this time. We also had staff reporter Michele Willer-Allred talk with the Boys & Girls Club of Malibu about a new virtual program they have for young entrepreneurs. On Sunday, you can read about how Pepperdine’s Spiritual Life Programs have been continuing their mentoring program online. Later this week, you can also see a story about how a student partnered with Pepperdine’s Campus Recreation program to create a platform for Waves students to connect while off campus.

On Monday, you will see a story by staff reporter Barbara Burke on what the City of Malibu is offering for its virtual recreation program. Those are just a few of the stories we have and there are so many more to come. If you know of a local business or individual in the Malibu community that have been doing unique things during the pandemic, please email me at We’d love to feature them.

The other thing that I love is seeing families be able to spend more time together, to sit down and have meals together. Sometimes life gets in the way for those things and I think the Safer at Home order has offered an opportunity for people to reconnect in ways they may not have. This week, my high school class organized a Zoom meeting to do some catching up and that is something we would not have done if we were not practicing social distancing. I’ve also had a few friends send notes and cards of encouragement in the mail which can help brighten anyone’s day. If you would like to share photos of what you and your family have been doing during this time, we’d love to share it. You can email me at

While I think we all understand the severity of everything happening with the coronavirus pandemic, this is also an opportunity to find the positive aspects of this global pandemic and embrace them.