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Lauren Coughlin, Editor
1:29 pm PST January 7, 2019

Sometimes, print is not perfect.

I’m not talking about typos or judgment calls, but rather the inner workings of how long it takes to prepare a product for print — and ours often is not as flexible as I wish it could be. This week, we have an article on the rapidly approaching deadline for fire victims to register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. As you are likely well aware, the Friday, Jan. 11 deadline is just around the corner by the time our readers receive our Jan. 10 edition in the mail. Unfortunately, our production deadlines prevented that particular story from reaching print sooner.

In times like these, particularly in the wake of the Woolsey Fire, we rely on our website and our social media channels to reach as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. While much of our website is subscription-based, anything related to the fire is not, as we know how imperative it is for those details to get out to the general public. That story as well as dozens others related to the fire and recovery efforts can be found at I urge you to check the page frequently, as the churn of information is constant.