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Lauren Coughlin, Editor
2:10 am PDT March 18, 2020

Whether or not one is in good health, every person’s life has been seriously altered by the coronavirus. 

It has been a hectic, stressful week for many.

And yet, there are those who are working behind the scenes to make things better where and how they can. 

One such group is the Malibu Foundation, working along with local nonprofit The Mighty Underdogs. Recently, the foundation announced that it has established an effort to aid those who are “elderly, immunocompromised, quarantined, immobile or otherwise unable to leave their homes,” with MUD volunteers stepping up to offer free delivery of groceries, water, medication and pet food. 

More details, as well as the application form, are available at

Donations to back these efforts, meanwhile, can be directed to

Those of you who are on social media also have probably seen the idea to buy a gift card to your favorite restaurant for future use, offering needed support in a time when business will no doubt be hampered. And that idea was circulating even before restaurants were limited in what they will be able to offer.

For the community as a whole, it will no doubt be tough to adapt to the many changes that these coming days will hold.

Across Malibu and across the world, sacred and comfortable routines have been interrupted, long-awaited social gatherings have been postponed, and businesses of all types have been forced to adapt. But, I believe it’s for a good reason, and we have to trust that our health and safety, as well as the health and safety of others outweighs the temporary discomforts and growing pains which we are all weathering day by day.

In this week’s paper, we have tried to cover many of the local angles to this rapidly developing story, highlighting the facts of the disease’s spread throughout Los Angeles County, and its impact on the City of Malibu, Malibu’s schools, its library, its religious institutions and some of its businesses. Certainly, there are many more stories to be told, and we continue to remain dedicated to bringing that all to you as quickly and as effectively as we can.

The situation surrounding the coronavirus will no doubt change yet again between the time when this newspaper goes to the printer and when it reaches your mailbox on Thursday. As such, we have freed any stories related to the coronavirus on our website. We know how vital information like this is to those in the Malibu community, and we stand ready to offer all the important details to our readers.

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