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Scott Steepleton, Editor
6:08 pm PDT October 30, 2020

When riots broke out earlier this year, some Malibu business owners chose not to speak out for fear those who would do harm might descend on their shops.

Others emptied their showrooms or boarded up their windows in case the destruction that happened in the Fairfax District, on the Westside and elsewhere spread to Malibu.

With the nation set to choose a president on Tuesday, some cities are bracing for a repeat of the summer mayhem no matter who wins the White House.

In Malibu, City Manager Reva Feldman told Surfside News there is no official call for businesses to board up windows or take other such action in advance of the election.

Capt. Chuck Becerra, who leads the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Malibu/Lost Hills Station, echoed her sentiment.

“We do not anticipate any protests or problems in our area on Election Day," he said. “We are ready and will continue to keep your communities safe and secure.”

Out of an abundance of caution, the captain said, deputies at all stations would be taking an “all hands on deck” approach “before, during and following the elections.”

That means 12-hour days, every day, “to ensure the maximum number of officers are working for you,” he said.

“As I’m sure many of you are aware, it’s been a challenging time for our deputies, and this is a further challenge given the extended schedules with no time off,” Becerra said. “Know that we’ve felt the support from the community during previous 12-hour-day schedules and the many issues we’ve been hit with since March.”

As always, he added, “we feel it, we appreciate it and we couldn’t do it without all of the positivity from the very special people who live in our region.”

Scott Steepleton is editor of Malibu Surfside News. You can reach him at