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Lauren Coughlin, Editor
11:05 am PST January 17, 2019

Time is often fleeting in the cherished moments when we wish it weren’t, yet slow and steady in instances when we wish it could speed up.

Last week marked two months since the Woolsey Fire began burning, though many residents didn’t actually return to Malibu until much later. A good amount has happened in that time, but, surely, it doesn’t feel like enough for those who are without critical services as well as once-beloved shelters and items. 

As referenced on Page 3, the county’s debris removal program is set to begin Jan. 28. Meanwhile, others are able to go their own way by opting out of the county program and hiring a contractor. We’d love to hear from residents in both camps, as each is sure to present its own set of intricacies. In the end, any lessons learned may serve valuable for others who are navigating the very same challenges.

I know many in Malibu are eager to move forward, and debris removal is certainly a critical step in reclaiming some semblance of normalcy. Meanwhile, there are numerous other challenges before fire victims, from the small details such as emptying pools and removing trees, to the big-picture items like navigating the rebuilding process.

Many of these intricacies are addressed on the City’s new website,, but the flow of information is constant and the process is certainly not one-size-fits-all. 

Beyond continuing to cover City Council meetings and timely recovery announcements, we’re all ears if there’s an underlying issue of which residents think we should be aware, and we’re dedicated to bridging any information gaps that may exist. You’re not alone in this process, and a question you have very well may be the same question on your neighbors’ minds. As always, I can be reached at lauren@malibusurfside or (310) 457-2112 ext. 1.