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Lauren Coughlin, Editor
10:00 am PST December 20, 2018

Believe it or not, Christmas is a mere five days away.

A sense of normalcy has cautiously returned to Malibu in recent weeks, with several annual holiday traditions marching on and bringing smiles, but the holiday simply will not be the same for many community members. While Santa, Christmas carols and donated toys can bring glimpses of hope and excitement to wee ones, there is no simple cure-all for the adult population.

To that end, this is a time when community is more imperative than ever. 

It’s long been an unspoken part of the holiday season to be kind and to make sure the most vulnerable among us are not alone. On Thanksgiving, we saw a strong Malibu community band together to share fellowship and to take care of its own, and I have no doubt that the same trend will appear this Christmas. 

And though some holiday traditions may seem trivial in the bigger picture of all there is to worry about, it’s important to exercise self-care and allow yourself to enjoy the simple and important comforts that the fire cannot take away. 

This certainly applies to Christmas, but I hope that it can extend beyond that, too. Personally, I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, as I feel that the change you wish to make in your life can and should take place as needed rather than on an annual schedule. And while Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, I too aim to bring that sense of enjoyment and gratitude into other days. 

Ultimately, there are many things that are beyond our control — but our outlook and approach to the trying days ahead is not one of them.

Wherever this Christmas may find you, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas, and I hope that it’s just the beginning of the fresh and joyous start that all of Malibu needs and deserves.