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Glen Gessford, Malibu resident
10:11 am PST January 10, 2019

For us, this was the year of the horrific windblown Woolsey fire,

We left our house when we could see flames and warnings were dire.

We evacuated to June and Jeff’s which is located where else but Point Dume,

Where the next morning the police tried to evacuate us from our room.

We decided to stay and did fire drill practices with the hose,

In case the need for putting out hot embers ever arose.

We drove around the neighborhoods, lots of police but not a firetruck to be seen,

In fact, they were down at Pepperdine defending the college scene.

At night we sat up in June’s upper yoga room with a spectacular view,

And watched as flames blew down the canyons and destroyed Malibu.

Fortunately, some men in our area stopped the fire before it spread,

We were ready with our hoses and masks on our head.

A few days later we came back to our home on the hill,

It was safe, a firetruck from Park City, Utah was guarding it still.

These experiences in life teach you to value family and friend,

They are what is important in the end.

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