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A famous spot in Laguna Beach was mistakenly used in a city-sponsored public service message aimed at keeping Malibu safe over Memorial Day weekend.
Scott Steepleton, Editor
3:36 pm PDT May 29, 2021

Featured in sitcoms and dramas, movies and many commercials — including one from the nonprofit Visit California, filmed at Zuma and airing now on TV — the beaches of Malibu are the stuff of legend.

None, however, was apparently top of mind when City Hall put together a public service message for social media urging everyone to “Help Keep Malibu Safe This Memorial Day Weekend!”

It’s an important message. After all, Malibu swells with tourists over three-day weekends, and this year could be even busier than normal as people locked down for a year because of the pandemic travel to the shore.

But the sandy beach in the photo accompanying Saturday's PSA is nowhere near The ‘Bu.

It’s Moro Campground at Crystal Cove State Beach in Laguna Beach, 77 miles south.

Twitter users noticed the flub.

So did City Manager Steve McClary and a couple members of the City Council, according to Matt Myerhoff, the city’s media information officer and the person who put together the graphic.

The tweet was quickly taken down.

”It was an inadvertent error,” Myerhoff told Surfside News. “I was looking for a picture of PCH in Malibu and there’s part of it on Corral Canyon leading up the hill to Bluffs Park that looks very similar.”

“In my haste to create five different public safety messages leading up to Memorial Day weekend, I didn’t look closely at it enough and picked the wrong picture.”

Myerhoff said he assured the officials it was an inadvertent error, and he apologizes “to anybody that was offended by this.”