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Candy wrappers, fake spiderwebs and other Halloween items can cause problems for a variety of wildlife, according to California Wildlife Center in Malibu. Scott Steepleton/Surfside News
Staff Report
4:38 pm PDT October 30, 2020

California Wildlife Center in Malibu reminds residents to celebrate Halloween in animal-friendly ways.

First tip: Don't use fake spiderwebs outdoors.

“Even though they aren't real, spiderweb decorations can catch and trap living animals such as birds and small rodents," CWC adbvises. "CWC sees many animals entangled in human-made netting and mesh every year.”

Next, pick up and properly dispose of candy wrappers.

“Candy wrappers can attract wildlife, which might eat the wrappers and get sick, or worse. If you throw them in an outside trash can, make sure it has a secure lid.”

Finally, once all the monsters have left, bring the jack-o-lantern inside.

“Wildlife may see it as an easy meal, and you might accidentally attract rodents and their predators to your home.”