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Green line shows boundary of the Malibu Country Inn parcel.
Scott Steepleton, Editor
4:24 pm PDT July 25, 2021

The Malibu Planning Commission is being asked to OK a set of changes that will resolve several code violations against the Malibu Country Inn and pave the way for approval of a restaurant addition and extension of a deck at the Westward Beach Road site.

According to the staff report for the August 2 meeting, in 1996 the Planning Commission and California Coastal Commission granted use and development permits for three building additions, totaling 486 square feet, to enlarge the motel, restaurant and storage building, including 22 new parking spaces for a total of 41, retaining wall and grading.

The restaurant was increased from 700 square feet to 954 square feet.

The following year, the owner was granted a permit to delete a 150-square-foot addition to the storage building, 75 square foot addition to the motel and remodel to the existing reception office, lobby and guest unit, enlargement of the guest units by adding 486 square feet to both first and second floors, resulting in a 3,358-square-foot building.

That same year, the owner was notified “to stop work and discontinue all use of a new wood deck attached to the restaurant because it had been built without a permit and across property lines.”

Various other requests were made in following years, and it was during this time that a 712-square-foot restaurant addition was constructed without permits.

In 2016, a code enforcement case was opened for the construction of the unpermitted deck, new storage building and restaurant addition without the permits.

Officials say parking spaces were also restriped “which resulted in less parking spaces and less conforming aisle width to access the parking spaces north of the motel.”

The application before the commission “will resolve all code violations and resumes the requests for approval of the lot line adjustment, restaurant addition and deck extension.”

The application includes the replacement of the existing restaurant building, first constructed in 1955.

The 2.05-acre parcel would be increased by about one-half acre through land from the Point Dume Club to the east and south.

Officials say the commission’s approval “will not constitute a special privilege to the applicant or property owner” because the proposed replacement restaurant “would be in the same location and thereby the existing non-code-compliant parking spaces, which are currently functional, could not be expanded to meet code requirements unless the existing motel buildings are reduced or eliminated.”

The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. and can be viewed at