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Scott Steepleton, Editor
8:52 am PDT June 13, 2021

Looking to distance yourself from all your outdated, unwanted stuff? Take that first step during the LA County Drive-Through Household and E-Waste Collection. The event, which will follow COVID-19 safety guidelines and be held 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 13 at the Calabasas Landfill, Scale Area, 5300 Lost Hills Road, is free to Malibuites and other county residents. Want to get rid of an old flat-screen TV that looks more fat-screen than the slim profiles available today? Bring it. What about that Macintosh that went bad long ago? (It’ll give you an excuse to pick from Apple’s newest crop.) Other accepted e-waste include cell phones (Hello flip phones! You are not cool even if they are trying to bring you back!), stereos, fax machines, printers, electronic games, VCRs and DVD players, microwaves and small household appliances.

Various household hazardous waste, namely any product labeled toxic, poisonous, combustible, corrosive, irritant or flammable, can also be dropped off, including chlorine bleach, other cleaning supplies, air fresheners, batteries, solvents, spray paint, automotive products, asbestos, Sharps waste/medical needles, medicine (not controlled substances) and used motor oil and oil filters. No large appliances such as refrigerators or stoves will be allowed. The full list of accepted items is at

Business waste is excluded from the event.

Have leftover paint? Recycle it at participating retail stores. More information is available by calling 855-724-6809 or visiting

Participants of the LA County Drive-Through Household and E-Waste Collection will be asked to stay in their vehicles with windows closed, if possible, and to wear a face covering as part of COVID-19 precautions. Those with symptoms and those who have been asked to quarantine or recently traveled internationally should not attend. Items should be carefully secured in the trunk or pick-up bed with nothing else (be prepared to leave containers). Sharps disposal will require exiting the vehicle to a designated location.

The county is also offering tips on how to reduce household hazardous waste:

·        Buy smart: Purchase nontoxic or less hazardous products and only in the amount needed. Alternative, non-hazardous recipes are available at

·        Store properly: Toxic products put families’ health and safety at risk, so store securely. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

·        Use it up: Finish all unused products and recycle the containers or donate what is left over.

·        Protect communities: Never throw HHW/e-waste into the household garbage, toilets or sinks. Never dump on the ground or pour down the storm drains – it is illegal. HHW can seep into the groundwater, waterways and oceans, causing contamination of drinking water, beach closures and health hazards to swimmers and wildlife.

·        Dispose properly: Take advantage of free HHW/e-waste events like this one or a permanent center that accepts it.


For more information about the LA County Drive-Through Household and E-Waste Collection, go to