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Suzan Hughes at a sign that neighbors made once word got out that she would be making a fireworks show possible. Submitted photo
Scott Steepleton, Editor
1:26 pm PDT July 5, 2021

A privately funded Fourth of July fireworks show scheduled for a barge off Malibu Colony was canceled when the Los Angeles County Fire Department determined “pyrotechnicians did not have (the) operation in proper order,” according to the city of Malibu.

As reported by Surfside News, Malibuite Suzan Hughes was footing the bill for the Sunday night display as a patriotic act for the community she loves.

“I wanted it to be visible from wherever you have access to the ocean,” she told Surfside News in the days leading up to the event. “People have been suffering.”

Originally scheduled for 21 minutes, the display, for Hughes, was a way to put people from Santa Monica to Malibu in a happier place than where they found themselves last year because of the government lockdown over the coronavirus. 

“I just want to send some joy,” she said earlier, “and erase from their minds the one year we couldn’t have fireworks.”

The cancellation had some on social media speculating about the reason.

The statement from the city came midday Monday.

Hughes did not immediately respond to a request for comment.