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Alex Mayle, an English teacher at Malibu High School, delivered a yard sign to the home of senior Maya Joshi on Saturday. Scott Steepleton/Surfside News
Scott Steepleton, Editor
2:11 pm PDT April 17, 2021

Teachers from Malibu High School fanned out  across the city Saturday delivering cheer to the class of 2021.

The Parent Grad Committee typically throws a big senior night party, according to co-chair, with Connie Jenkins, Karin Mihkels Al-Hardan. “Because of current COVID restrictions, that’s just not possible.”

“The seniors have been distance learning since last March (since the end of their Junior year) and the parent committee wanted to find ways to bring some fun and togetherness to their senior year,” said Mihkels Al-Hardan. “We delivered a Candy-Gram in February to each of the senior’s homes and planned a ‘together apart’ hike in March with some surprise appearances from Principal (Patrick) Miller and teachers in the form of cutouts.”

The festivities include a seniors-only screening of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” chosen by the students.

Then there’s the delivery of yard signs to the students’ homes Saturday morning.

Surfside News caught up with the caravan at the home of senior Maya Joshi, where English teacher Alex Mayle delivered a sign.

“There’s been a lot of excitement from our seniors,” said Mayle.

Mayle called the year that will soon end challenging.

“But I’ve just got great students to work with. They’ve been really responsive and adaptable to the situation, so I feel like we’ve really still made a lot of progress in learning and moving forward.”

“Maya’s an amazing student,” he added. “She’s got a great academic future and beyond.”

Maya said he was happy to see the teachers taking part, “rather than just some random people coming by and dropping them off.”

“I’m glad I got to see Mr. Mayle. It’s a good segue into hopefully seeing them all in person starting next week.”

Maya said the year of school under COVID restrictions has been tough on students.

“But all of our teachers have made it easier by taking it easy on us while also encouraging us to work hard.”

Social media, she added, has made it easier to keep in touch with friends.

Maya is heading off to UCSB, where she will major in economics.

Her mother, Punita Joshi, said she’s excited that the students will have some time back on campus before they graduate. She noted that her daughter hasn’t had a normal school year since ninth grade.

“Tenth grade there was fires, a quarter of 11th grade they did from home and most of the senior year they did from home,” said Punita.

Maya will be the third sister from the family to graduate from Malibu High.

“Mr. Mayle had all three of them,” said Punita. “It’s very special to us that he could come here and do the sign for Maya.”

Sponsors of various senior events include the Kotler Family and Chris Cortazzo; the Aminzadeh family; the Shah family; the Hughes family; the Big Picture Company; the city of Malibu; Howdy's Sonrisa Cafe; The Boys & Girls Club of Malibu; and the Jenkins Family.