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Joe Coughlin, Publisher
8:33 am PDT June 11, 2019

A violent message made on social media Monday night by a Malibu High School student was investigated and cleared by authorities, according to the school and local police. 

An email from MHS Principal Cheli Nye notified parents and staff of the incident and said students are “safe on campus” on the day of graduation. 

The claim was made by a sophomore student who while talking to another student “jokingly” said “that he was going to bring a shotgun to school,” according to Detective Sgt. Matthew Dunn with the Los Angles County Sheriff’s Department Malibu/Lost Hills Station.

Dunn said his detectives investigated the student and situation, including reviewing firearm databases, and found the student had no access to a firearm. The department eventually deemed it was not a credible threat. 

Dunn added that the parents are involved with the investigation, but there is “no crime.”