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Submitted by LA County
8:23 am PST January 30, 2019

Los Angeles County is issuing an important notice to all Woolsey Fire survivors who had their property destroyed by the Woolsey Fire.

“If your property was destroyed by the Woolsey Fire, you must make an important choice about how you will clear debris from your property by Jan. 31,” stated Leslie Luke, director of L.A. County’s Recovery Coordinating Center. “There are two choices: either opt-in to the government-sponsored Fire Debris Removal Program with no direct cost to eligible property owners, or opt-out and complete the debris removal work on your own in an environmentally safe way that meets State and County requirements.”

Failure to take appropriate action may result in fees being imposed upon property owners.

“If property owners don’t indicate their choice and file the appropriate documentation by the Jan. 31 deadline, then they may later be subject to a summary public nuisance abatement action,” stated Luke. “This means the County may clear the debris from destroyed properties to ensure they aren’t a public nuisance, and will charge property owners for the cost of clearing the debris and the administrative costs incurred by the County and local City.”  

Abatement costs must be paid by property owners within 60 days, otherwise a lien may be recorded against the property for failure to pay within the identified timeframe.

All debris removal forms and applications can be downloaded online at

For the more information, Woolsey Fire survivors may call the Fire Debris Hotline at (626) 979-5370 or visit the Debris Removal Operation Center, located at 26610 Agoura Road in Calabasas.

The DROC is open from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m.-noon on Saturday.