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Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
3:16 pm PST November 15, 2018

As Malibu tries to recover from the effects of the devastating Woolsey fire, the homeless population is among those suffering.

Although it is too early to conduct a head count or make determinations regarding how the homeless in Malibu were affected by the mandatory evacuation and fire, Alex Gittinger, program manager with The People Concern, was able to conduct a status update on Nov. 13.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to get further than the Malibu Library and Colony Plaza,” Gittinger said.

“Of the few homeless clients that remained in the area, they all reported to be OK,” he said. “There were two people we took to shelter and additional services in Santa Monica.”

The Malibu outreach team plans to again go out Thursday, Nov. 15, with a medical-psychiatric team from Venice Family Clinic to check on clients in various locations in Malibu, including Zuma Beach and the Trancas area, Gittinger said. 

“There are several clients who need medication, which the medical team will bring, along with basic medical supplies, such as respiratory relief meds, eye drops, masks and other needed supplies,” he said.

Gittinger stated that the outreach team will have food and water as well.

“We are also coordinating with Los Angeles Homeless Service Authority regarding potential rescue efforts in case of the rain that is forecast for next week,” he said.

Malibu resident and homeless advocate Carol Moss, who runs the Community Assistance Resource Team, hopes to serve a dinner to the homeless in Legacy Park on Monday, Nov. 19.