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Staff Report
4:49 pm PST January 30, 2019

Storms are expected to return to the Malibu area Thursday, Jan. 31, through Monday, Feb. 4, with the possibility of mud and debris flows in the Woolsey Fire burn area.

According to the National Weather Service, the strongest storm is expected to occur late Friday through Saturday. In Los Angeles County, the peak rain period is predicted between 4 a.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday.

The City of Malibu issued an alert for the Malibu Park neighborhood and surrounding properties.

“Due to the amount of localized mud and debris flows that have occurred during the December and January storms, privately owned, manmade drainage channels, creeks, and other stormwater systems may have been impacted,” the alert states. “These systems typically require yearly maintenance and clearance of mud and debris by property owners. 

“It is critical for property owners to maintain stormwater drainage to minimize negative impacts to the surrounding community. Please reach out to your neighbors to make sure private stormwater systems are cleared before, during and after storms.”

The City again urged residents to prepare for possible evacuations as well as water or gas outages, non-functional traffic signals and hazardous driving conditions.

The City also posted a map highlighting other areas of concern. To view the map, visit

Residents also are urged to monitor storm conditions on local news and via the NWS at