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Staff Report
1:20 pm PST January 7, 2019

Details on rebuilding and recovering from the Woolsey Fire can be found at the City of Malibu’s new site,

The website includes information on debris removal, rebuilding, storm preparation and resources. 

The debris removal section includes information on deadlines, forms, information about the ban on leaf blowers and a list of HazMat-inspected properties. 

The rebuilding section includes forms and handouts, lists of contractors, guidance on temporary structures and fencing, and instructions on how to search for permits. 

The resources section includes information about how to get property tax relief for destroyed homes, donations, mail service, and more.

“Malibu has experienced the biggest natural disaster in our history, and the City will do everything possible to help those whose homes were destroyed or damaged to rebuild and get back on their feet,” Mayor Jefferson Wagner said in  a press release. “The new Malibu Rebuilds website is one small but necessary step to advance the rebuilding process, which involves a lot of bureaucracy, regulations, and complex and rapidly changing information from multiple government agencies. It is a lot to process, especially for people who are already exhausted and stressed because of the trauma of this tragic event.”

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