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Submitted by Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management
8:06 am PST November 27, 2019

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service Los Angeles/Oxnard office is forecasting a Thanksgiving Storm that could bring possible isolated thunderstorms, heavy downpours, small hail, waterspouts and snow impacting Los Angeles County this week.

“Although the rain system approaching Los Angeles County this week isn’t projected to hit thresholds for flooding or debris flow, County public safety officials remind all residents who live in flood-prone areas or near recent wildfire burn areas to remain alert,” stated Kevin McGowan, Director of the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management. “We encourage everyone to monitor current weather conditions by following their favorite media sources for weather. Staying alert and informed is the first step towards being disaster-ready in any situation.”

Los Angeles County’s OEM is issuing these rainstorm precautionary and preparedness safety tips: 

• Practice safe driving: Make sure car tires have good tread and that your windshield wipers work well. Remember, your headlights should always be on when driving in the rain.

• Prepare your home: Clean your outdoor drains and gutters of any leaves, dirt or debris. Secure trash, recycle bins and any other items that have the potential of blowing or floating away. Sandbags can be utilized to help protect your home or property before a storm.

• Consider storm impact to roadways: Residents living in homes with limited roadway access or that can become isolated for an extended period due to the storm should consider leaving before rainstorms arrive.

• Plan ahead to evacuate: Homes or neighborhoods near hillsides with electric garages or gates should consider leaving them open to avoid being trapped due to mud flow accumulation; even one-inch of mud can restrict gate operations. If your property becomes unsafe and there is no time to evacuate, seek safe high- ground.

• Stay informed: Monitor your favorite media outlets whether they be traditional or new technology and/or listen to the NOAA Weather Radio for the latest weather conditions.

• “Turn Around Don’t Drown”: Do not attempt to cross flooded areas and never enter moving water.

OEM also recommends for residents to follow these all-hazards preparedness action steps to keep themselves, their families and loved ones safe during this winter storm system:

• Create a Plan: Create an evacuation plan and identify a primary exit route and a secondary exit route, ensuring your vehicle has enough gas and working wipers.

• Pack a Go-Kit: Be ready to evacuate by having an emergency kit ready and loaded in your vehicle, which should include items such as extra medication, important documents and warm clothing.

• Stay Informed: Keep aware of road closures, changing road conditions and evacuation messages by watching local media coverage on television and radio, and following these Twitter handles: @ReadyLACounty, @CaltransDist7, @LASDHQ, @LACoFDPIO and @LACoPublicWorks.

For additional resources on storm preparation, visit and follow the hashtag #LARain on social media. To monitor the current weather conditions, access NOAA NWS Los Angeles/Oxnard office website at or on social media @NWSLosAngeles.