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Staff Report
2:30 pm PST January 4, 2019

Storms are in the forecast for Saturday, Jan. 5, and the City of Malibu is urging residents to prepare, with free, empty sandbags available at all Malibu fire stations.

From Jan. 5-6, the National Weather Service is forecasting rain totals of 0.5-1.5 inches, with more rainfall expected in higher elevations, and more rain Jan. 8-10. 

“High surf and dangerous rip currents are possible,” the City’s alert states. “All Malibu residents are urged to prepare for potential flooding, mudslides, power outages, dangerous road conditions and evacuations.”

The City urges residents not to take evacuation orders lightly, stating that they “are ordered because there is a threat to life and property.” If heavy rain persists, the City urges residents not to wait for evacuation orders and to instead leave early. Residents of gated properties also are advised to leave their gates open to prevent mud and debris from locking them in, and to ensure access for emergency responders. Trash cans and cars also should be moved off the street to help prevent flooding, the City states.

The City added that it will have crews patrolling and clearing roads of rocks and debris, placing temporary concrete k-rails in the burn area, placing sandbags, clearing storm drains and culverts to prevent flooding, and pre-placing heavy equipment at areas sensitive to flooding and debris flows.

Further, residents are reminded that power outages may disrupt emergency alerts, so residents are asked to monitor storm conditions on local news radio and, if possible, the National Weather Service at

Road closure information may be viewed at, and an interactive map of potential debris flow hazard areas can be seen at   

Sandbags are available at the following Malibu locations:

• Station #70, 3970 Carbon Canyon Road

• Station #71, 28722 Pacific Coast Highway

• Station #88, 23720 Malibu Road

• Station #99, 32550 PCH

• Zuma Beach Lifeguard Headquarters (30050 PCH): pre-filled sandbags available