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Positive Spirit Award recipient Cody Garcia.
Ani Dermenjian, Malibu Realtor of the Year. Courtesy photos
Newly elected Malibu Association of Realtors President Stephen Udoff.
Anthony Marguleas received the Community Service Award.
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4:19 pm PST February 17, 2021

The beginning of a new year is always reason to celebrate, and ending 2020 lends many more reasons. The Malibu Association of Realtors recently kicked off the new year with their 74th annual Installation Ceremony which took place virtually for the first time in the history of the organization. The event honored the organization's many accomplishments of the past year and the newly elected 2021 Board of Directors.

The installation ceremony was attended by leaders and executive staff from neighboring associations including the Greater Los Angeles Association and the Southwest Los Angeles Associations of Realtors. Also participating were Tessa Charnofsky, district director for Supervisor Sheila Kuehl and Jeremy Wolf, district director for Sen. Henry Stern; Malibu Mayor Mikke Pierson and Mayor Pro Tem Paul Grisanti and other distinguished guests.

The celebratory gathering featured a few long-standing traditions with opening remarks by Past President Ani Dermenjian, the organization’s “year in review” presented by treasurer Ignacio Rodriguez, formal swearing in of the 2021 Board of Directors by Mayor Pierson, official “passing of the baton,” installation of newly-elected President Stephen Udoff, and the presentation of special awards.

Accolades were given to the 2020 leadership directors for their hard work, dedication, diligence and true teamwork which was attributed to the success of the organization during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special recognition was also given to outgoing director Meril May for his 13 years of service to the board. Lisa Samuels (Lawyer’s Title) was named 2021 Affiliate Chair for the second time due to her devotion to the board.

The highly-esteemed “Realtor of the Year” award was presented to Ani Dermenjian for her exemplary leadership and unwavering commitment to her role as 2020 president

“While these past 12 months have played out differently than the ‘Vision 2020’ we initially imagined, we were given the chance to learn, grow and adapt in profoundly positive ways,” Dermenjian said. “Despite the numerous surprises and significant challenges that we faced, we accomplished a great deal and we did it together. I couldn’t have picked a better team to serve alongside than the 2020 Board of Directors, for which I’m incredibly grateful.” Dermenjian was presented with beautiful commendations from city, county and state representatives in honor of her service and leadership.

The Positive Spirit Award was presented to director Cody Garcia, recognized for his consistent positive energy and willingness to help in every event. Realtor Anthony Marguleas received the Community Service Award for his exemplary philanthropic efforts and contributions. Stacey Harper was awarded Affiliate Member of the Year for her outstanding efforts leading her committee.


After all the speeches and lots of laughs a DJ got directors and guests out of their chairs dancing and playing games. Another fun event is planned later in February to celebrate with the entire membership.

President Stephen Udoff said, “We never take living and serving in this beautiful community for granted, we promise to continue our work on behalf of members, private property rights and the community in 2021. I hope we all stay in good health and have an excellent year.”


2021 Board of Directors


Executive Committee

  • Stephen Udoff (2021 President)
  • Bill Bowling (President-Elect)
  • Ani Dermenjian (Past President)
  • Jerel Taylor (Vice President)
  • Ignacio Rodriguez (Treasurer)
  • Sarah Kosasky (Secretary)



  • Matt Ogden
  • Dan Ross
  • Derinda Moses
  • Kelly Pessis
  • Bianca Torrence
  • Maria Cox-Dwyer
  • Cody Garcia
  • Susan Cosentino
  • Tammy Arlidge



  • Laura Dowler, membership expert
  • Susan Manners, executive director