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The spicy shrimp plate at Neptune’s Net is a notable respite from the eatery’s famous fried dishes. Photos by Chris Bashaw/22nd Century Media
The Knucklehead burger is served with a helping of onion rings.
The clam chowder at Neptune’s Net is complemented by a sourdough bread bowl.
Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
5:22 pm PDT June 4, 2015

When Margaret Cho was 9 years old, she was making 25 cents for every booklet of tickets she passed out to customers at Neptune’s Net.
“I was in charge of circling the last two digits on the tickets and passing them off to customers,” she said. “Eventually I got to graduate to cashiering, and I got to memorize all the prices of every single beer in the restaurant. Being 14 and dealing with the rough and tough biker crowd that rolled through there was always interesting.”