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Pictured is the meatloaf plate at Malibu Kitchen. Photos by Chris Bashaw/22nd Century Media
Pictured is the fresh mozzarella and tomato sandwich.
Pictured is the “Kitchen” panini.
Pictured is a deep-dish pumpkin pie.
Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
2:57 pm PST November 18, 2014

Bill Miller, owner of Malibu Kitchen, likes things a certain way.

“What’s my go-to order?” he said. “I take grilled chicken with some prosciutto, put some truffle cheese in there, add pesto and a little mustard in a whole wheat wrap. I melt that together then I add cold coleslaw and roasted tomatoes.”

The meticulous nature of Miller’s taste buds has earned Malibu Kitchen special distinction as one of the only eateries in Malibu to make it to its 14th birthday, which Miller is celebrating this week.