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Chabad of Malibu Rabbi Levi Cunin lights the menorah adorned with colorful donuts Dec. 17 during a Hanukkah celebration. Photos by Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media
Noah Redclay (left) and Rivers Redclay place their decorated donuts onto the menorah on Dec. 17.
Shaina Cunin admires her freshly painted face in the mirror as several other children look on.
Joshua Wander (left), holding Bebe, and Tan Huyla decorate donuts.
Aaron Bond, with the Malibu High School Jazzmaster Funkadelic Band, plays trombone.
Tan Hulya decorates a donut.
Shmulie Cunin places a donut he decorated onto the menorah.
The Giant Donut Menorah was lit Dec. 17 in Malibu Lumber Yard.
Rochel Cunin (left) and Shmulie Cunin decorate donuts.
Perry Wander adds a donut to the menorah.
Two-year-old Rider Surey holds his balloon art.
The Malibu High School Jazzmaster Funkadelic Band performs with Steve Cole (keyboard) and Bill Bixler (saxophone).
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
8:05 am PST December 27, 2017
Fun times and festivities abounded when the Chabad of Malibu hosted the Grand Menorah Lighting of Malibu’s first Giant Donut Menorah at the Malibu Lumber Yard Dec. 17.