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From the editor: Experts silent on Malibu COVID-19 spike
Skatepark to open same day Malibu's beaches to close
As COVID-19 spikes, Malibu beaches to close over Fourth of July weekend
Wineries, bars, brew pubs ordered closed unless offering sit-down meals
Emergency fundraiser benefits Malibu elementary schools
COVID-19 safety measures in place at Malibu City Hall
Maxfield Malibu gets creative with social distancing campaign
Malibu is trimming trees this week
Smoking ban eyed at Malibu skatepark
For Malibu wine drinkers, temperature counts
Where have all the bottomless brunches gone?
Malibu candidate filing period approaching
COVID cases up for second straight day in Malibu
District to unveil Malibu schools reopening options
Malibu's COVID-19 tally hits 43
Malibu eateries say let’s take it outside
Malibu seeks firm to serve as city treasurer
Sports authority aims for fall decision by July 20
Brush clearance protects Malibu from fire — and it’s the law
COG complains about the captain
It was free food Friday at Howdy's
Congratulations, class of 2020!
Malibu homeowner takes fire preparedness seriously
Top ways to prep for fire in Malibu
Class-action lawsuit targets Pepperdine's COVID-19 refund practices
Man dead after Malibu Creek jump
Your table is ready — in the parking lot
Malibu High announces 14 valedictorians
Zuma paddle out honors victims of police killings
Outdoor seating for indoor Malibu restaurants?
No curfew in Malibu tonight
University of San Diego announces Malibu grads
Protesting on PCH
Litter could be a Santa Monica Mountains first
‘The soul counts … this is what we’re here for’
From the Editor: Malibu educators planning for 2020-21 school year
Deputies stage in case unrest spreads to Malibu
Life is the bubbles for preschool ‘grads'
Circles at Malibu park reinforce physical distancing guidelines
State adopts standardized emergency orders