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Look around Malibu’s beaches and restaurants this summer and, amongst the locals and tourists, you may find a group of young Malibuites, joined by one newcomer from Maui, who are sometimes in love, sometimes enemies, occasionally frenemies, but always living a dramatic life amidst their days of surfing and hanging out.  

You may have stumbled upon the filming of the miniseries “Malibu Surf,” which debuted this spring on AwesomenessTV.

Lauren Finkler

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that the Merrick family announces the sudden and untimely death of longtime Malibu resident and surfing legend, Shelley Merrick.  

Shelley was the eldest daughter of the late honorable Judge John J. Merrick and Roberta Roberts Merrick. 

Ashleigh Fryer

It’s a record year for gray whale sightings, and Malibuites have many opportunities to observe the annual migration of these giant marine mammals.

Ashleigh Fryer
Area firefighter Steven Moak was off-duty on Nov. 9, but there was no question in his mind that he belonged in Malibu.
Lauren Finkler
The milestones have come and gone. It has been more than 365 days since Elaine Park was last seen by her loved ones and since her car was found in Malibu.
Lauren Finkler

Linda Thompson has led an extraordinary life. 

She was a queen of beauty pageants, lover to Elvis Presley, mother to two children with her former husband Bruce Jenner (now known as Caitlyn Jenner), wife to music producer and musician David Foster, and an actress and songwriter to great personal success.

There’s no doubt the longtime Malibu resident, now 66, has plenty of stories to tell.

Lauren Finkler
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chair Kathryn Barger this morning proclaimed a state of emergency in the county.
Scott Steepleton

Longevity is an interesting thing. A concept that breeds youth, vigor, fun and all the things that make life actually life. Longevity is time, and time well spent. 

Sure, your face and body may change a bit, but longevity is an adopted attitude. A lifestyle, and a belief.

This week’s Ride of the Week shrinks to two wheels and says that less is more — way more. And when I met up with actor/musician/producer Bill Allen and his 2015 Eddie Fiola Proformer BMX Bike, I was reminded that longevity can come in many forms.

Chris Bashaw
A short video of an injured German shepherd who writhes in pain trying to move his water bowl toward him may seem heartbreaking.
Lauren Finkler

They say that when one door closes, another opens.  

Kristy’s Restaurant, a Malibu staple, closed as of Jan. 1. However, the restaurant’s patrons and fans should not despair. That old adage about new doors opening has prevailed.

Kristy’s has merged with Le Village Café to form a new establishment, Kristy’s Village Café, 30745 Pacific Coast Highway, Building B, at Trancas Country Market.

Lauren Finkler