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Oaks Christian School is mourning the loss of two 2019 graduates in a fiery crash Aug. 2 in Thousand Oaks.
Scott Steepleton

The 2015-2016 gray whale migration is well on its way to being the second busiest season on record and Malibu beachgoers have a ringside seat.

“It’s difficult to compare anything to last year because it was way off the chart, but this year we’ve already seen double the average number of southbound gray whales,”  Alisa Schulman-Janiger, gray whale census director for the American Cetacean Society, told the Malibu Surfside News.   “We are within 20 or 30 whales of catching up with the second best year,” she said.

Alex Vejar

The search continues for 30-year-old Jenny Lorber, a Colorado resident last seen in the late-evening hours of Thursday, May 23, near Paradise Cove in Malibu. 

Lorber is a Southern California native, spending most of her childhood in the Los Angeles area, according to family members. Her grandparents, Norman and Joyce, owned a home on Paradise Cove for more than 30 years, said Rosie Sanchez, Lorber’s lifelong friend, speaking on behalf of the family.

22nd Century Media Staff

Dean & DeLuca, a purveyor of fine foods, has announced its latest store opening in Malibu. The newest Dean & DeLuca development will be located in Malibu Village, located at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway and Cross Creek Road, a recently repositioned shopping center with name brand outfitters, cafes and shops, that caters to the affluent community and year-round influx of visitors nearby. 

Lauren Finkler
After almost 25 years of operation, Malibu’s Taverna Tony is to change ownership. It is not, however, planning to change its Greek food menu.
Lauren Finkler

Recently, I have been getting lots of emails and calls about avocado trees dropping all or almost all of their avocados.

Let me explain what I see is happening and what you need to do to correct it.

Lauren Finkler

The new year is less than a week old, but 2015 is already shaping up to be another record-breaker for gray whale sightings, and Malibu residents have a front-row seat for observing the annual winter migration.
Every year, from December until late April, gray whales migrate from their arctic feeding grounds to Baja California to give birth and then return north with their calves.

Chris Bashaw

A wealthy Guatemalan man was charged Aug. 4 with the July 29 Cape Town, South Africa murder of his girlfriend Gabriela Kabrins, the 39-year-old daughter of a Malibu restaurateur.

Diego Dougherty Novella, 41, was charged with Kabrins’ alleged murder, and was still in police custody Monday, Aug. 9, although expected to apply for release on bail Aug. 21.

Alex Vejar

Live rattlesnakes were among the stars of the show at the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area’s first ever reptile and amphibian show on May 18 at King Gillette Ranch. The event, sponsored by the Western National Parks Association, also offered participants a chance to learn how to be safe now that peak snake season has arrived. 

Karl Miller, an animal trainer and handler for the entertainment industry, and longtime snake wrangler Bruce Freeman teamed up to give a rattlesnake awareness talk.

Chris Bashaw
Adroitly avoiding photographers’ steadfast efforts to capture their stunning neon colors, while thoroughly thrilling onlookers of all ages, waves of bioluminescent brilliance have graced Malibu beaches for the last several days.
Heather Warthen