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The official website for the California Incline replacement project invites the public to “Be Excited, Be Prepared,” but for many Malibu commuters the prevalent emotion is trepidation, not excitement. 

Ashleigh Fryer

Global humanitarian organization International Medical Corps held its annual Malibu Women to Women Luncheon at the home of Alexis Deutsch-Adler and Robert Adler on May 5. 

Ashleigh Fryer
Daniel Atticus Anderson, 26, of Malibu, died Jan. 10 after being diagnosed with brain cancer six years prior.
Lauren Finkler

An altercation last week between students outside of Malibu High School is being looked into by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The incident, a recording of which was posted to social media, involves two groups of students — one of white students and one including at least two black students — in a confrontation that involves spitting, shoving and shouting obscenities. 

22nd Century Media Staff
10 Questions with Trey Cotwright
Alex Vejar
Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station officials reportedly were unable to find any evidence of crime after a caller reported that they heard a shot fired near Malibu Creek State Park last night. Sgt. J. Covarrubias said the call came in at 11:09 p.m. Thursday, July 12, and the alleged gunshot reportedly was heard in the area of Las Virgenes and Piuma roads.
Lauren Finkler

Before chef Thommy Craig took over as executive chef at Vintage Grocers this summer, he spent the past 30 years building a name for himself as a personal chef for celebrity clientele. But Craig’s first gig in the kitchen was the far less glamorous role of a dishwasher.

Alex Vejar

There’s something familiar about the Malibu Roadhouse.
It might be that it occupies the space that used to house the BeauRivage, a storied Malibu restaurant. It might be its familiar position, across PCH from Dan Blocker Beach — a section of Malibu most residents cruise through daily.

Chris Bashaw

Trancas Country Market announced last week that it will undergo a yearlong revitalization endeavor to add Le Village Café to accompany its repertoire of upscale tenants, dining options and new outdoor seating areas. 

RKF, the leading independent retail real estate firm in the United States, has been brought on to align Trancas with the right boutiques, designer stores and restaurants to embody Malibu’s relaxed lifestyle and reflect its cultural affinity.

Alex Vejar

For much of her running career, Claudia Lane found herself alone. 

As a distance runner, that is usually a good thing, as Lane collected medal after medal locally and nationally by separating from the pack. 

That doesn’t mean, however, she doesn’t like a crowd. In fact, when she searched for a collegiate fit, it was the possibility of teamwork — both in and out of the classroom — that charmed the Malibu trotter. 

Lauren Finkler