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Lorelle Patterson (left) helps Rebecca Ramos use watercolor on Yupo, a non-absorbent polypropylene paper. Photos by Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media
Lorelle Patterson (far right) demonstrates as class attendees look on.
Audrey Bishop works on painting tree trunks and branches.
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8:00 am PST February 3, 2016

The Malibu Senior Center hosted an Art Trek, Inc. class on Friday, Jan. 29, at Malibu City Hall.

During the class, instructor Lorelle Patterson taught attendees the art of painting trees on Yupo, a non-absorbent polypropylene paper.

Patterson said using Yupo with watercolor creates a different effect than the traditional paper.  

“The paint sits on paper and does a whole bunch of interesting things because it doesn’t sink in,” she said.