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Dining Out

The Dish: Zooma Sushi follows customers’ lead
Malibu Kitchen serves up salmon variety
The Dish: Neptune’s Net shows off hidden gems
Reel Inn offers ‘Fish and Chips Wednesday’ deal
The Dish: Malibu Farm brings new life to the pier
The Dish: Geoffrey’s offers different take on paella
The Dish: Kristy’s creates signature burger for signature customers
Make tonight a Kaishin Night
The Dish: Tramonto staff has experience on its side
The Dish: Lily’s to add healthier menu options
The Dish: Mastro’s Ocean Club serves up localized classics
Mangia offers meatball sub to-go
The Dish: The Sunset ramps up for summer season
The Dish: West Kitchen serves up savory lox sandwich
Malibu Roadhouse brings comfort food to the coast
The Dish: Malibu Seafood focuses on wild-caught shrimp
Duke’s spices up Taco Tuesday with daring flavors
Paint, Wine ‘N Dine to host Emily Shane fundraiser
Acai bowl served at John’s Garden
Paradise Cove refuses to chase trends
The Dish: Spice it up with Camarones a la Diabla
V’s Restaurant celebrates big changes in staff, menu
Spruzzo goes all-out organic
Duck Dive rolls out new protein bowls
Cafe Habana keeps it good and simple