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“Malibu Surf” cast members (left to right) Keaton Yellin, Van Bush, Sean Saldamando, Sofia Preisz and Joey Itkin are pictured. Photos Courtesy of AwesomenessTV
Joey Itkin, a cast member on the recently released miniseries “Malibu Surf,” is pictured.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
10:00 am PDT July 21, 2017

Look around Malibu’s beaches and restaurants this summer and, amongst the locals and tourists, you may find a group of young Malibuites, joined by one newcomer from Maui, who are sometimes in love, sometimes enemies, occasionally frenemies, but always living a dramatic life amidst their days of surfing and hanging out.  

You may have stumbled upon the filming of the miniseries “Malibu Surf,” which debuted this spring on AwesomenessTV.