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Library Subcommittee considers speakers for 2015

Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
3:38 pm PDT July 21, 2014

Members of the Malibu City Council Library Subcommittee reviewed on July 14, a list of potential speakers for the 2015 Malibu Library Speaker series.

No action was taken at the meeting, but the committee members discussed a list of 48 people who were cited by officials as potential presenters for the series, which will be in its third year next year.

“The point of meeting was to get direction from the subcommittee on how to move forward with speaker series for next year,” said Reva Feldman, assistant City Manager.

Feldman said many individuals of the 48 listed in the agenda item were “carryover suggestions” from the past two years, but before any list can be finalized, more research and pricing on speakers needs to be established.

In keeping with the speaker series’ parameters, speakers are considered experts or notable figures in their respective fields, which pertain to the arts, entertainment, industry, environment, education, food, literature, motivation, science, sports and travel.

Some Malibu residents, including Dick Van Dyke, appear on the list for potential speakers, which can be viewed in full by visiting

Feldman said a future Library Subcommittee meeting at a date not yet determined will ascertain a more finalized version of the 2015 speakers list, which will then be forwarded to the members of the Malibu City Council for approval.

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